THE damaging effects of MOULD

Don’t underestimate the danger of mould in your home. Many types of mould are hazardous to your health and can also damage the structure of your home, especially black mould which is often found in bathrooms and basements. Mould grows indoors on wet or damp surfaces such as carpets, ceiling tiles, wallpaper, insulation, wood and drywall. 

Mould can start to grow within 48 hours after flooding or other water damage and, if not removed quickly and by a professional, can have a serious impact on personal health and cause damage to your home’s physical structure.

If you notice the presence of mould in your home, contact the industry-leading mould removal experts, ServiceMaster of Penticton. We are here to professionally remove mould from your home and prevent potential health risks and long-term damage to your property.


Mould growth can occur following water damage or flooding. Fast, efficient action is essential for effective mould removal, and especially in the case of black mould. ServiceMaster of Penticton can put a stop to toxic mould growth in your home by eliminating the water source and implementing rapid drying.

Our highly trained technicians use professional-grade techniques, products and equipment necessary for proper and effective mould removal. We assess each situation and establish the most effective mould removal procedures to meet the specific needs in your home.


Because mould can start growing within 48 hours, it's important to respond quickly to flooding and other water damage. We use professional and highly effective drying techniques and monitoring tools to measure temperature, humidity and moisture content to test, assess, remove and remediate mould. Taking immediate action can make the difference between a small problem and a much larger, costly and more difficult to remedy situation due to mould growth.

Make sure your living environment is healthy and free of toxic mould, by contacting ServiceMaster of Penticton for professional mould removal services immediately following any incidences of water damage, or as soon as you see mould or experience unpleasant musty odours in your home. Beginning mould removal procedures as soon as possible will prevent potential health hazards and further damage to your home.

So what causes mould to grow?

  • Moisture or excess humidity in the air
  • Moderate temperature, especially between 20 - 30°C
  • Stagnant, stale, non-ventilated air

When allowed to grow, mould causes discolouration and damage to your home’s structure and surfaces. Significant amounts of mould can negatively affect your home’s indoor air quality and if not removed in a timely manner, can require costly mould remediation techniques

Contact ServiceMaster of Penticton today for professional mould removal services. You can trust our company, with years of experience and expertise in the mould remediation industry. We’re here to help prevent potential health risks and long-term damage to your home and give you peace of mind.